Welcome to Toronto Bitcoin Exchange launched out of Canada’s largest city Toronto, Ontario. We buy, sell, transfer, exchange and securely acquire cryptocurrencies with a focus on Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies provide a fast, secure, global currency alternative to traditional fiat (paper) money. Toronto Bitcoin Exchange offers a unique solution to participating in the Bitcoin market by offering introductory packages.

At Toronto Bitcoin Exchange, we believe in financial inclusion, so we have developed unique introductory packages for entering the Bitcoin market. Packages start at $300, which secures you Bitcoins at market price and a small fee. Our packages include knowledgeable agents to assist with wallet set up, purchasing the cryptocurrency and securely transferring to your cryptocurrency wallet.

The Bitcoin currency network runs on blockchain technology allowing direct payments between two parties without using any financial institutions or centralized services, such as banks or credit card companies. Limitations of current traditional fiat money include high transaction fees, time cost in processing and prerequisite screening. Blockchain technology utilizes a peer-to-peer anonymous public ledger system. This open, community sourced operational structure offers transparency and a decentralized system without regulation or fees, allowing for financial inclusion to participating in the Bitcoin market. 

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